Trade-in Games To Earn Money


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Trade-in is a phenomenon or a sales promotion technique in which the buyer is offered a fixed discount on the price of the new model in exchange for the older model or item. This gives you cash or credit to spend on the next interesting game you are fascinated to buy.

How does the trade-in process work?

Find out if your country has the trade-in process.

  • Go to the website and select the games you would like to trade-in. When you select these games, they are added to your basket.
  • You can then select the games you would like to play, and you just have to pay for the difference amount.
  • Another advantage is that, this credit need not be used instantaneously; you can save it for the next larger purchase.
  • The website gives you about 10-15 days time, depending on the website to return the games.
  • After this is done, the question occurs, on how you would return the games; you will receive a receipt of your transaction. Send the email back to the address mentioned on the receipt.

You can also receive cash for trade-in if you do not want a credit on the trade-in. Earn money with your games, trade-in today!